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Be London – the fun side of London

Be London events are an opportunity for visitors of various bars and clubs to get to know the pulse and fun vibe of London. Events usually host renowned DJ names and are extremely popular among all generations. Socializing with good music and excellent cocktails is usually a good recipe for success.

Be London events happen few times a year at different locations. Because the music is being playedby renowned DJs, the events are popular. Unfortunately, the capacity of the venuesis usually limited. That's why we designed a website where visitors could register for the event and receivea QR code at theprovidede-mail address. This awarded the visitors witha discount ofthe entrance fee and guaranteed entry.

In addition to the website, we also branded printed collateral, such as printed invitations, posters, bar boards, temporary pricelists, flags, etc. and preparedgraphics for advertising on social networks.

Be London -website, event collateral and access control for events

Website designand development, event collateral materials,registration and access control for events

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