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Malibu Cocktails: the spirit of summer

Malibu Coctails is the line of mixed drinks with a reduced alcohol content, available also to customers in Slovenia. The basis of these mixed drinks, Malibu rum, is the most popular coconut rum in the world. Innovative and dynamic, Malibu brings the spirit of the Caribbean to your home.

Malibu Cocktails could be called an instant coconut. The line of mixed drinks with reduced alcohol content is absolutely perfect for hot summer days. The leading drink in the mix, Malibu rum, is being produced on the island of Barbados since 1893. The Rum develops its distinctive taste thanks to the natural flavor of coconut, rum and Caribbean high quality cane. Rum is immediately recognizable by its white bottle and its logo, an island with palms and sunset in the background.

We help our client, Pernod Ricard Slovenia, with some communication and marketing activities for the brand Malibu Coctails. We maintain a Facebook page, prepare content and manage communications with followers. We also offer offline activities for the brand, from the layout of the posters to the design of various promotional materials.

Malibu Cocktails marketing campaign

communication activities on social networks, supporting marketing services, online advertising

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