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Renowned spirit and wine brands have a new home

Pernod Ricard Slovenia represents many renowned brands of spirits and wines for the Slovenian market. They decided to redesign their web page to present their offer in a more attractive and transparent manner.

Pernod Ricard Slovenia is a company with a long tradition in Slovenia. Their goal is to build strong brands and they are proud that many of those brands are among the 100 most powerful global brands in the category of spirits and wines.

Pernod Ricard can generally boast the most extensive assortment of prestigious brands in the industry. Group Pernod Ricard is with its extensive global distribution network present in 70 countries around the world. In terms of sales they hold the first place in Europe, the Far East, the Pacific, and Central and South America. Its position is also strongly consolidated in North America, especially after the purchase of Absolut vodka. The group Pernod Ricard is committed to a policy of continuous development and promotes moderate and responsible consumption of its products.

We helped to design the architecture, user experience and the establishment of the new web portal. The greatest challenge was how to present and connect the overview of all the brands, products, B2B part and barmen modules. We also established eNews for regular communication on news and events with its partners.


Pernod Ricard Slovenija Web page

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