Hey, I play football!

Design and layout of a commemorative book capturing the initial football journey.

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Rumena Rutica specializes in publishing children's books aimed at promoting education and entertainment for young readers. Their collection includes popular titles such as "First Grader," which helps children transition into school life, and "Hey, I Play Soccer," inspiring young athletes with stories of soccer adventures. Rumena Rutica is dedicated to creating high-quality and engaging content that encourages children to read, learn, and dream.


The client aimed to create a book that would inspire young readers, specifically about soccer. The book "Hey, I Play Soccer!" is designed to promote education and entertainment for young soccer players venturing into the world of soccer for the first time. The goal was to design a visually appealing book that aligns thematically with its content and allows for personalization, where children can record their memories, achievements, and add illustrations.


First, we developed the conceptual design for the book. We thoroughly explored the theme and target audience to create a visual aesthetic that resonates with the sports spirit of the book. The concept included vibrant colors, dynamic layouts, and attractive illustrations by Jure Kralj, designed to engage young readers and encourage interaction with the book.

Next, we executed the design and layout for all pages. Each page was carefully crafted to allow for content completion and the addition of personal elements such as team photos, coaches, and achievements. Special emphasis was placed on ease of use and visual coherence throughout the book, achieved through consistent use of typography, color schemes, and illustrations.

Following the completion of design and layout, we prepared the book for printing. This phase involved technical reviews, quality assurance checks, and preparing files for printing to ensure the highest quality of the final product.


The book "Hey, I Play Soccer!" has achieved great success in the domestic market and has been very well received in international markets as well. This success has prompted the publisher to translate the book into other languages. Young soccer players and their parents have praised the book for its interactivity, appealing design, and customization options, which encourage children to actively engage and record their soccer adventures. The book not only entertains but also educates and inspires.

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Knjiga nogometas FOTO3

Hey, I play football!

Design and layout of a commemorative book capturing the initial football journey.

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