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Artes Web 1 Hero

Artes Website

A leading provider of IT solutions for analytics, reporting, management and maintenance of technical systems has redesigned its website.

Sanolabor B2 C Store 1 Hero

Sanolabor Online Shop

Sanolabor offers a one-stop shop for wellbeing products, from food supplements to medical devices and personal care.

Kemofarmacija Farma Pro 1 Hero

Online training on FarmaPro

The FarmaPro online platform offers online training and professional credits for pharmacists and doctors. It simplifies the learning process with personalised learning and adapts to the learner's schedule.

TZS Web 1 Hero Image

Website for Tourist union of Slovenia

The Slovenian Tourist union is a national association of volunteers who selflessly promote Slovenia as a tourist destination to domestic travellers.

DZ e Deska 1 Hero Image

eDeska provides an overview of sessions and events in the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia

A quick overview of current events in the National Assembly helps both Members and visitors to the National Assembly.

Biz Box Web 1 Hero Image

bizBox website

The bizBox paperless business platform integrates paperless e-commerce services within and between companies with a wide range of tools and technologies.

Pernod POS 1 Hero

Visibility at the point of sale - POS displays

Correct and visible point-of-sale displays increase consumer purchase decisions and have a key impact on sales. Guiding the consumer from window to till, strategic product placement and visual displays are key.

Slovenian news with a new, modern web look

Slovenian news brings more news, more video, more pictures and more fun online with a new website!

PRS 1 Hero Image

Website for Pernod Ricard Slovenia

Pernod Ricard's renowned brands, from Chivas and Jameson whisky to Beefeater gin and Absolut vodka, have been given a new, modern website in Slovenia.

STO Kviz 1 Hero

STO Online Quiz - My Way Of Escaping To Slovenia

Engaging, playful and interesting - the best way to explore Slovenia. An online educational platform for foreign tour operators and travel agents worldwide.

Integrated graphic design of bizBox

bizBox, the paperless commerce platform, has a redesigned logo and image

New culinary experiences at the DZ restaurant

National Assembly restaurant presents daily menu on innovative TV kiosk solution

Immuvirex 1 Hero Image

Immuvirex ad campaign

ImmuViRex boasts a unique natural formulation enriched with vitamins, minerals and plant extracts. The tasty lozenges are an effective dietary supplement for your immunity.

PRS Jameson Times 1 Hero Image

Irish lifestyle with Jameson Times

In a world of rapidly changing digital media, the print in-house newspaper still has a special place. The Jameson Times reflects the Irish lifestyle in a relaxed and entertaining way.

JF 1 Hero Image

Jungle Formula ad campaign

Jungle Formula products stop mosquitoes and other insects, giving you a carefree summer for the whole family to enjoy.

Pernod Nalepke Za Mize 1 Hero

Visibility at the point of sale - POS displays

Proper and visible POS displays increase consumer purchase decisions and have a positive impact on sales. The key is to guide the consumer from the window to the till, strategically positioning products and visual displays.

Pernod VAP 1 Hero

Gift packs - VAP

Product gift wrapping can have a decisive impact on customers' purchasing impulses and increase the value of your products. VAP packs are a great tool to improve sales results.

Online event registration and admission tracking solution

A modern solution for online event registration with QR tickets that facilitates registration for attendees and management for event organisers.

Bella La Vita 1 Hero

Bella La Vita event branding

Bella La Vita events bring the Italian vibe and the magic of socialising

STO Unique 1 Hero

STO Unique submission and evaluation platform

The Slovenian Tourist Board's application submission and evaluation platform simplifies the processing of applications for Unique 5-Star destinations and enables transparent evaluation of applications.

Pernod Neckhangers 1 Hero

Product Hangers / Neckhangers

Neckhangers are a key tool for showcasing new products and running promotions. With the help of neckhangers, we can tell more about the product at the point of sale and create a message that the customer takes home.

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