The overall visual identity of WB3C

New identity for the Western Balkans Cyber Capacity Center.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia has commissioned the visual identity for WB3C – Western Balkans Cyber Capacity Center, a newly established center for information security in the Western Balkans. The center, founded by the governments of the Republic of Slovenia, France, and Montenegro, will operate in the fields of digital crime, digital diplomacy, digital security, and education.


When designing the visual identity, we faced the challenge of visually expressing the wide spectrum of activities of the center, which encompass various fields such as digital security, cybercrime, digital diplomacy, and workforce education.

It was crucial for the logo and visual identity to convey technological advancement, modernity, and seriousness. We also had to consider the cultural diversity and international nature of the center, which collaborates with multiple governments and organizations.

The logo design needed to be modern and dynamic, yet simple enough for easy recognition and use across different platforms, from print materials to digital media.


To achieve our goal, we implemented a comprehensive approach that included market and operational environment analysis, brand development, brand architecture, visual identity creation, and the production of a usage manual for the graphic identity. We examined other centers, trends in information security, and specific needs within the Western Balkans. This analysis provided insights into how WB3C could differentiate itself and position as a leading center in its field.

We developed a brand structure that ensures clear and consistent communication with various target groups, including government institutions, educational establishments, and the private sector.

Based on these analyses and strategies, we designed a modern, dynamic logo and comprehensive visual identity that reflects the innovation and expertise of WB3C. The graphic identity includes a color scheme, typography, and visual elements that collectively form a distinctive identity. We also created a detailed usage manual containing guidelines for the proper application of the logo and other graphic elements across different media and situations, ensuring brand consistency and recognition for WB3C.


The WB3C center is equipped with a visual identity that enhances its presence on the international stage and helps establish strong connections with stakeholders. The comprehensive graphic design contributes to greater visibility and trust in the center, which is crucial for its successful operation in the Western Balkans region and beyond.

With proper analysis, strategic approach, and creative design, we can create effective and lasting solutions for clients in the public sector.

recognition of the brand
design of image elements
credibility in the field

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The overall visual identity of WB3C

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