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Sanolabor offers a one-stop shop for wellbeing products, from food supplements to medical devices and personal care.

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Sanolabor was founded in 1950. Today, they are the largest Slovenian wholesale and marketing company for medical devices, medical and hospital equipment and consumables, laboratory equipment, medicines, personal protection products and dental products.

Sanolabor is successfully expanding its presence in foreign markets, with selected programmes serving partners in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo. Since 1989, they have also offered end customers the opportunity to shop in their own specialised stores. They offer a wide range of products for a healthy and vital life at every stage of life.

They are creating new opportunities for growth and development in health, science and industry in Slovenia and the wider region. They have expertise, years of experience, market knowledge, a strong sense of responsibility and a clear vision. This is appreciated by many customers, manufacturers and suppliers who have trusted them for many years.


Sanolabor has long been a recognised name in the healthcare sector with a wide range of products ranging from medical devices to personal care. Despite their strong market position, they wanted to enter the online retail sector, so they set out to redesign their website and set up an online shop.


When redesigning the website, we focused particularly on the user experience and product structure, as this was quite complex. We designed the navigation to be two-tiered. On the one hand, we have the product section, where we have access to all the categories with the products we sell in one place, and on the other hand, we also highlight the most relevant categories.

We wanted to give the editorial team as many options and places as possible to highlight the products on the page. We have developed user account functionalities where users have an overview of their purchases as well as their favourite products and delivery statuses. The shopping cart system is fully customised and integrated with Sanolabor's business processes. In this way, we have simplified the preparation of orders for customers. We have paid special attention to the search engine, tip articles and quick access to information about the branches.


After the redesign, the online shop has achieved visible results. Improved navigation and search helped to make product searches faster and easier, which resulted in increased conversion rates and positive customer feedback. Integration with business processes has also enabled smoother and more efficient order management. Combined with SEO optimisation of content and marketing campaigns online and through our own channels, the online shop has seen sales grow by leaps and bounds in the first months of operation.

+30 %
more sales on the site
+60 %
more visitors to the site
+25 %
longer dwell time on the page

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Sanolabor B2 C Store 1 Hero

Sanolabor Online Shop

Sanolabor offers a one-stop shop for wellbeing products, from food supplements to medical devices and personal care.

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