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The FarmaPro online platform offers online training and professional credits for pharmacists and doctors. It simplifies the learning process with personalised learning and adapts to the learner's schedule.

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Kemofarmacija is a wholesaler of medicines and medical devices, which provides comprehensive care for the Slovenian healthcare sector, mainly pharmacies and hospitals, but also health centres, diagnostic laboratories and specialised stores. Although sales and distribution are their core business, they also offer their business partners import of non-registered medicines, logistical support in the conduct of clinical trials, warehousing and logistics services.

Chemopharmacia was established in 1947 as a state-owned economic enterprise of republican importance for the marketing of medicines and sanitary supplies. Today, Kemofarmacija is Slovenia's leading wholesaler of medicines.


Today's healthcare professionals, especially pharmacists and doctors, face a lack of flexible and effective ways to acquire and renew their professional competences. There is a need for a flexible and efficient online learning platform that allows the acquisition of professional credits and is fully aligned with the needs and schedules of the participants.


We have developed the FarmaPro web platform, which offers a range of different functionalities to make education as easy and efficient as possible. From the preparation and upload of different formats of training materials such as video, PDF and DOC, to automated reminders that inform users about required refreshers, new lectures and expiring training courses. FarmaPro also offers online knowledge validation, course time limits, automatic certification and analytics to gain insight into user performance.


The FarmaPro platform has received an overwhelmingly positive response from the pharmaceutical community. Participation in online courses has increased by 40%, while successful completion of tests and professional credits have increased by 30%. The built-in analytics give us insight into all user segments and provide valuable data towards new content. FarmaPro has thus become a key platform for pharmacy education, combining flexibility, efficiency and advanced functionalities in one place.

+40 %
increase in participation in training
+30 %
more completed tests
to study anywhere, anytime

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