The National Assembly and the Slovenian Presidency of the EU 2021

Leading Europe in the Digital Age: The National Assembly's Website for Presenting Priorities and Activities during the Slovenian Presidency of the EU 2021

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The National Assembly is the highest representative and legislative body in the Republic of Slovenia. Its primary role is to perform the legislative function of authority, within which deputies adopt the most important legal acts of the state.

In addition to this function, the National Assembly performs electoral and supervisory functions. The National Assembly also undertakes other roles common to modern democratic parliaments: representing social interests, resolving conflicts of interest, adopting the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia, adopting and overseeing the state budget, and being the creator and bearer of legitimacy.


We designed a website concept that was entirely focused on presenting the activities and priorities of the Slovenian EU Presidency and the activities of the National Assembly during the presidency.

One of the most important modules on the site was the events module, which showcased all the events in the National Assembly during the presidency. Live broadcasts were also prominently featured. The site included news and had separate photo and video libraries, as there were many events that needed a content repository. A special section was dedicated to the media, where they could obtain more information and get accredited.

The site maintained a consistent design from the homepage to the subpages. The pages are user-friendly, responsive, and adapt to various devices.


The introduction of a separate website for presenting the Slovenian Presidency of the EU has proven to be the most sensible decision. This way, we were able to transparently communicate and showcase all activities that took place during the presidency in one central location. The website was one of the key tools for promoting and informing the public and participants about the priorities of the Slovenian Presidency of the EU.

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