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The bizBox paperless business platform integrates paperless e-commerce services within and between companies with a wide range of tools and technologies.

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BixBox is a cloud-based paperless commerce environment that combines paperless business-to-business services with a wide range of tools and technologies.

Important features of the bizBox platform are the quality, legal compliance and openness of the system.

The business-to-business services must support standards, data and process security, integrity, integration with other solutions and services, and provide quality customer support.

bizBox services are included in more than 50 applications and are also included in the offer of more than 40 partners in 5 countries. BizBox is a brand of ZZI.


The client ZZI wanted to update the design and functionality of the bizBox website - the presentation page of an online platform for paperless cloud business. The main objective was to present the wide range of services and tools offered by the bizBox platform and to highlight their features - quality, legal compliance and openness of the system. The aim was to improve the user experience and facilitate access to information by introducing a customer support centre.


Together with the ZZI team, we completely redesigned the website. We focused on design and user experience to create an attractive and intuitive site for visitors. We re-structured all categories and content to better present the individual building blocks of the platform and partner integrations.

In addition to the presentation of the platform, we are also presenting the individual building blocks such as eInvoice, eCompensation, Outside Trade, eLogistics, eRecording, eStorage. A special sub-page is dedicated to partner integrations, where all solutions that have bizBox integrated for data exchange and eInvoicing are listed.

We have developed a customer support centre with FAQ section, knowledge base and video content to facilitate access to information about the platform.

The website is available in Slovenian and English.


The redesign of the site had two objectives - to showcase the bizBox platform and to facilitate access to information in the Customer Support Centre for those looking for specific information. These objectives were achieved with a modern look and a user-friendly interface. The site attracts more visitors and increases interaction with the content. Clearly presented platform building blocks and partner integrations made it easy to understand the offer and the benefits of bizBox.

The redesigned site has become an effective tool to promote the bizBox platform, attract new subscribers and inform existing ones.

+30 %
More visitors to the site
+20 %
Longer time on page
–20 %
Less call centre activity

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