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A modern solution for online event registration with QR tickets that facilitates registration for attendees and management for event organisers.
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Modern online event registration solutions have become an indispensable tool that brings many benefits to both participants and organisers. Simple and fast online registration of participants allows for efficient management of registrations and collection of key data for the organisation of events.

The advantage of is its flexibility. Registration forms, invitations, tickets and the registration system are tailored to your needs, image and event type.


Some of our clients are event organisers and needed an advanced online platform to easily register for events and track the attendance with QR readers. We wanted to make it quick and easy for event attendees to check-in, and easier for organisers to manage registrations. We needed a solution that would integrate registration pages for different events and allow for the management of registrations.


We have developed a state-of-the-art online platform that allows clients to set up and register for different types of events. The system efficiently manages registrations and check-ins and automatically generates email tickets with a QR code for easy entry to events.

After registration, attendees receive a ticket with a unique QR code by email, making it easier to access the event. At the event itself, we scan the codes using QR readers, allowing for quick and easy verification of entry.

We also take over the management of email invitations to events for our clients. We start by putting together engaging and targeted content tailored to each event. We provide visually appealing emails that are in line with the event's image and highlight key messages. This is followed by the distribution of the emails to the attendee base. We also carry out follow-up emails and manage the communication.

We carefully monitor the responsiveness of the mail base and carry out a detailed analysis of the success of the email campaigns. The platform provides clients with insights into the performance of their campaigns, helping them to adapt their strategies and achieve the best results. In this way, clients achieve higher attendance at events and improve communication and relations with their target audience.


The modern online platform has greatly facilitated the event registration process and enabled subscribers to efficiently manage applications and distribute invitations. Participants are satisfied with the ease and speed of registration, which helps to increase participation in events. Organisers have an overview of the number of registrants and the possibility to open and close registrations at any time.

The QR reader system allows organisers to easily and quickly monitor attendance at events, resulting in better insights and data for further analysis. The organisers have used this data to improve their events and tailor their marketing campaigns to the target audience. The modern platform has thus brought benefits to both participants and event organisers, allowing for better organisation, higher participation and deeper interaction with the target audience.

The main advantage of is of course its flexibility. Registration forms, invitations, tickets and the registration system are tailored to your needs and the type of event. Organise events with without any hassle.

Better response from registrants
Saving time for participants to enter
attendance based on real data

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