eDeska provides an overview of sessions and events in the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia

A quick overview of current events in the National Assembly helps both Members and visitors to the National Assembly.

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The National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia
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Information technology

Developing the user experience
User journey planning
Design of graphical interfaces


The National Assembly is the highest representative and legislative body in the Republic of Slovenia. Its primary task is to perform the legislative function of government, in which its members adopt the most important legal acts of the country.

In addition to this function, the National Assembly performs electoral and supervisory functions. The National Assembly also performs other functions that modern democratic parliaments perform: it represents the interests of society, resolves conflicts of interest, adopts the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia, adopts and supervises the national budget, and is the creator and bearer of legitimacy.


eDeska is a solution that has already been technically set up by the National Assembly's Information Department team and ZZI. It is a solution that runs on TV screens and was designed to provide an overview of the sessions and events in the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia.

The main challenge was to create a transparent and user-friendly interface that allows quick and easy search for information on current and upcoming sessions and events. The client wanted to provide a fast and efficient user experience that would allow Members and staff of the National Assembly to quickly access key information.


Together with ZZI and the Information Department of the National Assembly, we have developed a technically working eDesk solution. When designing the interface, we focused on clearly displaying several upcoming sessions and events, their times and locations.

We designed the graphical interface with intuitiveness and ease of use in mind, as the application runs on TV screens with no user interaction. Users need to get the information quickly and without complicated searches.

transparency of data
sessions and events on one screen
Clocks and locations
on one interface

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