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Product gift wrapping can have a decisive impact on customers' purchasing impulses and increase the value of your products. VAP packs are a great tool to improve sales results.

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In today's competitive market environment, it is crucial for brands to differentiate themselves not only by the quality of their product, but also by the way they present that product to the consumer. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through Value Added Packaging (VAP) - gift packaging of products.

By using VAP gift packs, companies can increase their sales without reducing the basic price of the product. Gift packs encourage impulse purchases as they instil a sense of exclusivity and scarcity. When consumers perceive added value, they are more likely to reach for the product.


Our clients are constantly faced with a competitive marketplace where they need to stand out from the crowd and better address their target groups. Despite the quality of our products, we are always looking for ways to add value to our products and influence consumer purchasing decisions.


After an in-depth analysis and understanding of each client's needs, we develop a conceptual packaging design, from construction to graphic design. The packaging, which must reflect the brand values, respect the overall brand guidelines and appeal to the target audience in the most attractive way. We design every package with a view to telling the product story while ensuring that it is practical, eco-friendly and cost-effective.


VAP gift packs give greater visibility of products on shelves. They attract more attention, encourage more impulse purchases and leave a lasting impression on consumers. Gift packs often create an impression of exclusivity for customers, as they are often special packs or offers that are only available now.

Gift wrapping can be a strategic tool that transforms how consumers perceive and value your product. It offers brands the opportunity to stand out in an innovative and effective way.

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