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Neckhangers are a key tool for showcasing new products and running promotions. With the help of neckhangers, we can tell more about the product at the point of sale and create a message that the customer takes home.

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When we shop in a store, we are bombarded with many messages, brands, designs and information. In such an environment, we need effective ways to highlight our products, offer more and connect with the customer.

One very effective, proven and relatively simple tool for point-of-sale communication are product hangers, the so-called neckhangers. These small but effective promotional tools offer a unique opportunity for a brand to communicate its key benefits, promotions or special information directly at the point of purchase. They are a visual call to action that encourages the consumer to choose a particular product.

In a world where consumers are faced with many choices on a daily basis, hangtags offer a unique opportunity to highlight and associate a product with them. Combined with a strong message and strategic design, neckhangers can become a key part of a marketing strategy that increases visibility and sales.


In a competitive environment where consumers have hundreds of products to choose from in the shops, many brands are faced with the problem of how to make their products more visible. For many of them, the challenge is how to put their product front and centre and how to connect the product story with its potential users.


Product hangers - neckhangers, are an extremely flexible tool for different exposures. They allow us to communicate a variety of messages, from current promotions, new product announcements to recipes and how-to guides that can be created with a specific product, the possibilities are many.

We carry out analysis for our clients, prepare messages, design and implement various product hangers. In this way, we help our clients to highlight their products at the point of sale and creatively communicate an additional product story.


In terms of sales, neckhangers are a direct stimulant of impulse purchases. Consumers are often attracted to products that stand out visually or offer special value.

The results are quickly visible, with most subscribers reporting increased product visibility, increased consumer engagement and, most importantly, increased sales. The impact is particularly significant for products that are the subject of special promotional campaigns or for products that are entering the market for the first time.

Increased exposure
of products on the shelf
with the customer at the point of sale and after purchase
Added value
and stimulating the purchase decision

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