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Business compliance and optimization

At Emporium, we understand that the recognition of your brand or business in the digital environment depends not only on the visibility of your website but also on the compliance of your online presence with various standards and legislation. With our services, we elevate your online presence to a higher level while ensuring that your business complies with all necessary regulations.


Basic SEO

We provide basic website optimization (SEO), which includes fundamental techniques to improve the visibility of your website in search engines. This includes optimizing meta tags, improving page loading speed, and ensuring your content is relevant and appealing to your target audience.


Advanced SEO (Onsite & Offsite)

Beyond basic or technical website optimization, which is included in the website development process, we also develop advanced SEO strategies. This includes both on-site and off-site optimization. Onsite SEO involves optimizing all elements of your website, thereby improving search engine rankings and the user experience. Offsite SEO involves all optimization activities outside the website, with the goal of achieving better search engine rankings.

Google Analytics

We help you establish optimal data collection with Google Analytics, allowing you to understand the behavior of your visitors, analyze your website traffic, and make informed decisions for further improvements.


Google Tag Manager

We set up a Google Tag Manager account and connected it to your website. GTM simplifies the management and implementation of tracking tags on your website without needing to modify the code. This allows you to track conversions on the site and, combined with Google Analytics, monitor the performance of your campaigns. We can easily create rules and determine when and where certain tags should be triggered, allowing for better personalization and targeting.

Consents and Compliance with GDPR: Consent

We align and maintain your websites in compliance with GDPR regulations and other data protection laws. This includes establishing a cookie review component and their categorization, establishing links with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, managing the wording in the component, correctly formulating legally defined texts on the website, and arranging all other necessary elements to protect the privacy of your visitors.


Page Accessibility

It's important to us that your digital content is accessible to all users, including those with special needs. We offer comprehensive services that improve the accessibility of your website in accordance with international WCAG standards and especially in line with the Web and Mobile Applications Accessibility Act (ZDSMA). This means that, in addition to connecting a component that provides partial digital accessibility, we conduct an analysis of your site and prepare thorough recommendations for adjustments. In addition, we train your technical staff and content creators and editors for proper website management, implement comprehensive solutions, and ensure A3C certification—Accessible to All.

Module for Reporting Irregularities

We offer the integration of a module for reporting irregularities in accordance with the whistleblower protection law ZZPri, which allows employees and customers to safely report any irregularities in the company. Our comprehensive solution includes the preparation of internal acts, establishing an internal reporting pathway along with support in the process, assistance in training and appointing a trustee, and issuing a compliance certificate with ZZPri. You can learn more about the solution at

With the described services, we contribute to ensuring that your online presence not only stands out but is also always fully compliant with legislation and the best practices of digital presence.

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Artes Website

A leading provider of IT solutions for analytics, reporting, management and maintenance of technical systems has redesigned its website.

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eDeska provides an overview of sessions and events in the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia

A quick overview of current events in the National Assembly helps both Members and visitors to the National Assembly.

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bizBox website

The bizBox paperless business platform integrates paperless e-commerce services within and between companies with a wide range of tools and technologies.

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