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The last decade has witnessed an exponential growth in online trading, accelerating the need for businesses to have efficient, secure and user-friendly online shops. The transition from the physical to the digital world of sales brings a number of benefits, including increased customer reach, personalisation of the experience and cost optimisation.

Analysis of existing solutions and situation
E-commerce and content management platform
User experience and content quality
Product development for e-commerce
Registered users and customer management
Loyalty programmes
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E-commerce or online sales refers to the sale and purchase of products or services online. The variety of platforms and technologies available allows companies to set up online stores that fit perfectly with their business models and customer needs.


Analysis of existing solutions and situation

Starting the development of an online shop starts with an analysis of existing solutions and the current state of the market. This step helps us to understand the competition, identify opportunities and design a strategy that will allow the company to stand out.


E-commerce and content management platform

Choosing the right e-commerce platform and CMS back-end system plays a key role in the success of your business in the online environment. A flexible e-commerce platform makes it easy to manage your online retailer, optimise processes, easily control inventory and secure payments, which increases customer satisfaction and drives more purchases.

A Content Management System (CMS) ensures efficient content management, making it easier for businesses to create engaging content for customers and implement marketing strategies. The right choice of platforms increases competitiveness, boosts conversion and contributes to the long-term success of a business in the digital space.

We offer complete solutions for successful online trading. We design and develop an online shop that reflects your brand and goals. We take care of all the functionality, including secure payment systems and user accounts, to facilitate your customers' shopping experience. We develop and input content, test and publish the website. We can also content manage the site for the client.

User experience and content quality

User experience and content quality are two key factors that influence the success of an online shop. Pages need to be intuitive, fast and easy to use, and content needs to be engaging, informative and useful for visitors.


Product development for e-commerce

The products available in your online shop play an important role in customer acquisition and retention. Products must be well described, photos must be of high quality and it is important that all the necessary information to make a purchase is available.

We take product photos and process the images for you. We prepare the texts necessary for the entry of the items and carry out the entry with images and descriptions. We prepare graphic banners for the page to further highlight certain items.

Registered users and customer management

Collecting customer data and managing registered users allows us to better understand consumer habits and needs. We understand the importance of this information as it can be used to personalise the experience, improve service and increase sales.


Loyalty programmes

Loyalty programmes are an effective tool to retain customers and encourage repeat purchases. These programmes reward customers for their loyalty with various benefits such as discounts, gifts or points that can be redeemed for products. Loyalty programmes can be both online and offline tools, useful both in physical stores and in online shops. We help customers set up and manage their services.

Managing marketing campaigns

No matter the quality of your products or the attractiveness of your website, if potential customers don't know you exist, they won't be able to buy from you. That's why active and strategic management of marketing campaigns is crucial.

Digital marketing campaigns can be implemented through different channels. One of the most important is search marketing, which involves optimising websites for search engines (SEO) and advertising campaigns on search engines. By optimising keywords, creating quality content and structuring your website for search engines, you can improve your visibility in search results, leading to more traffic and potentially more sales.

In addition to search marketing, the use of social media is also important for an online shop. Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are a great platform for brand building and encouraging interactions with customers.

E-newsletters are also an important component in communicating with customers, as we use this channel to reach interested visitors who have already made a purchase from us or have expressed an interest in our products by signing up to our newsletter.

We specialise in developing efficient and user-friendly online stores. Our services are designed for businesses of all sizes looking to harness the power of digital sales. Contact us for more information on how your business can grow with a successful online store.

Do you have a business idea or product that you want to develop or revitalize? Join us for coffee and let's see how we can work together.

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A modern solution for online event registration with QR tickets that facilitates registration for attendees and management for event organisers.

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Pernod Ricard's renowned brands, from Chivas and Jameson whisky to Beefeater gin and Absolut vodka, have been given a new, modern website in Slovenia.

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STO Unique submission and evaluation platform

The Slovenian Tourist Board's application submission and evaluation platform simplifies the processing of applications for Unique 5-Star destinations and enables transparent evaluation of applications.

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The Slovenian Tourist union is a national association of volunteers who selflessly promote Slovenia as a tourist destination to domestic travellers.

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